November 10, 2015



Reserved parking photo

Clients are solely responsible to organise or reserve good parking spot for our removal trucks upon job. i.e. Putting bins or milk crates with signs – “Reserved for removal truck” the night before, or park your cars to reserve best access spots to your apartment …etc.
If no parking is organised, we will find the closest legal parking available, which may sometimes cause extra loading time for your job if access is difficult.

Note that we are not responsible for any fines and consequences imposed if you instruct our drivers to park illegally.

All fines and demerit points arises will be passed on to clients, thereof.

Photo of Parking inspector / road enforcement officer

If parking are impossible, please try to communicate with your neighbour the day before for access of their driveway during the move. Alternatively, talk to your local council for allocating temporary parking for specified time.